The Prop House

event theming, design and styling.

Ekka at The Prop House


We are counting down the days until the magnificent Ekka! Time is just flying by! It certainly is my favorite time of the year (besides Christmas of course!). The famous strawberry sundae and iconic dagwood dog have my mouth watering until that wonderful month of August when I get to indulge in the abundance of delightful sweets and salty treats the Ekka always has to offer.

From fashion parades to the petting zoo we can take care of everything for your stall or shop. For those celebrating Ekka season from home or with an extravagant Ekka themed event we have plenty of props to help you follow the big and bright theming trends this year. Funk up your stall with a Jack in the box and Barber Pole or entice your customers with our giant lollipops and brightly coloured lanterns.

Slightly stumped and just don’t know what you want? But know you NEED something awesome to get into the Ekka spirit? Well The Prop House is that one stop shop where any idea can come to life. I’ll be at the front desk in front of that amazing masquerade mask. Come in and say hi!



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