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The Great Gatsby

It’s been a little while since our last post but we’re getting back into it with a topic that has the whole world talking. What’s that topic you ask, it’s the Great Gatsby of course! And we’re going mad for it.

Glamour is often missing from parties these days; we think that’s why the film is so much fun! We’ve had so many requests for The Great Gatsby themed parties and events and we’re happy to say that we can help you out. We can provide you with props and theming for your next Roaring 20s event.

When we hear 1920s, we think luxurious furniture, crystal, feathers, beads – the whole nine yards. Don’t forget the red, gold and black colour scheme.

Hollywood Galmour_amendments

Glitz and Glam is what it’s all about; and you’ll find that at The Prop House we have just that plus more. Call us on (07) 3555 8660 to ask about hiring the above (or below) elements. We have lots on offer!

The Great Gatsby

Our latest window display, featuring Leo, was created by our VM Trainer, Mark. Have you seen it when you drive by?

– The Prop House Team


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